For companies that already export but want to further strengthen their presence abroad, we provide our Evolution service, which will allow us, through business support, to implement markets and business relationships and support companies in customer care.


Business strategy
Digital business strategy
Negotiation management
Opening up New Markets

Once we have identified new foreign markets, we propose the company to potential customers, managing all the necessary negotiations to open the new market and oversee it. In this way we will be able to deliver to the company an enriched portfolio and real value.


Customer management
Customer service
Trade Fairs

Once new markets are opened, our Business Support department will be responsible for structuring a virtuous process for customer management. We will support participation in trade fairs and exhibitions to promote business, accompanied by targeted digital actions.

If you haven’t found what you need, maybe they could help:

Export start-up program

We take measurements of your company, sewing it on a dedicated export project.

Digital solution for the export

We offer digital services for companies and businesses that want to internationalize their products.

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